Galeri Muaf; is a contemporary art gallery placed in Istanbul. On February 2018 it is become official while earlier on it included academical substructure.

Gallery Muaf gives mentorship services and in this way it supports to young artists and works on inventory. In other words, it aims to build alternative art area not only for collectors but also institutions and person who would like to make collection and moreover independent art-lovers.

Muaf Gallery aims to contribute current, new, and dynamic collections, represent and support young artists, built a consultancy service for collectors by working with local artists in Turkey and foreign artists in international contemporary art market. The purpose of Muaf Gallery is to construct distinguished and qualified collection in company with experts and academic educated art historians by taking consideration planning a budget for personal and institutive collections, esthetics likings, and tone union for selection, and criteria like current art market.

Gallery Muaf keeps inventory records by following up local and international auctions in art market. Furthermore, it makes purchase and selling based on our collectors’ demand and budget. The art is turned into an alternative income by converting these purchases and selling into an investment instrument for our collectors.



Founder and Director:

Deniz Dalkılıç –

Coordinator and Art Consultant:

Oğulcan Yıldırım –