Traditional Y @Barın Han

September 4-25, 2021

Gallery Muaf's exhibition titled “Traditional Y”, which will feature the works of Ertuğrul Güngör and Faruk Ertekin together in the new season, will be hosted by Barın Han between September 4-25 and will feature a contemporary selection of young artists from their last period. The artist duo Ertuğrul Güngör and Faruk Ertekin, who spent their childhood together; they focus on the concept of “amusement park” in their first solo exhibition. The two, who think that the concepts of adulthood and childhood are difficult to understand in the amusement park; With the motto "Amusement parks produce the meanings of being a child under the name of the game theme, on the other hand, they create this ambiguity by allowing the "childish" behaviors of adults to be excused. and political structures and are concerned with the discourses that can arise if the normal forms of art representation are changed. In rapidly developing cities, people are directed to different activities in order to get rid of the stressful life of the city, to have fun and to make use of their spare time increased from working hours. One of the many recreation areas where these activities are held is amusement parks. By offering different activities, amusement parks allow people to have a good time, revive and relax. These areas, which are part of the entertainment industry, have been meeting the social, cultural, spiritual and physical needs of people for many years. These venues, where various entertainments involving childlike actions are carried out by keeping the individual's pursuit of happiness alive, have always been an indicator of popular culture. Because the entertainment areas in the amusement parks are restructured and fictionalized in line with different goals and become an element that exceeds the time limits and is shared by the masses. Thus, the constant updating of the venues according to the needs of the day ensures the continuity and popularity of the entertainment.