Silence @Santa Maria Draperis Church

September 20 - October 5, 2019

While Serdar Acar adds a new continuation ring to his past series with his new exhibition “Silence”, Serdar Acar appears before the audience with a composition that marks the starting point of his works, combining different techniques such as painting, sculpture and installation. Ekho, a mountain fairy who needs someone else's voice in order to speak in Greek mythology, creates the "Silence" series as an inspiration for Serdar Acar's last year. By transforming the topographical elements of the Isle of Skye into a fictional space, the artist describes the processes of a journey to the ideal made up of myths and tales. Artist; defines art as a way of interpreting life. In this context, his latest series "Silence" presents the end of his journey to the "ideal", which he lived in the last period of his life, to the audience by using a very simple language. These cliffs, which he frequently uses in his works, are the symbol of "the ideal, the end and the after", as defined by the artist. Serdar Acar's 2nd solo exhibition "Silence" can be seen at the new address of the Exempt Contemporary Project Art Gallery, Santa Maria Draperis Church, between September 20 - October 5, 2019