Roses & Thorns @IMC Istanbul

Feb 26- March 9,2019

Gallery Muaf is pleased to present its third curatorial group exhibition, Roses and Thorns, between February 26 and March 9, 2019. The industrial revolution, which provided material development to the society with a great acceleration in the historical process, the negative consequences it brought with it were mostly read through the cities and their transformation. Reflections of these negative results in cities; It is a problem arising from the relationship that people establish with space. In this context, the space underlying modernization; have been residences. Today, with the practices related to the built and natural environment, and the new laws enacted, irreversible damages occur in both the quality of life and the collective memory of the society. While the increasing supply in the housing sector in Turkey transforms housing from being a basic human right into a luxury item, people who lose their old houses as a result of urban transformation lose both their memories and social solidarity models and are isolated. Isolation is one of the most important tools of social manipulation and architectural elements are instrumental in this in one way or another. In the exhibition Roses and Thorns; Today's urban life, where geographical transformation accelerates and expansion by building is experienced, inspires the coming together of Setenay Alpsoy, Gökçen Ataman, Fırat Engin, Kayahan Kaya & Dj Aslansütü, Eda Soylu and Cansu Sönmez. Artists who produce works of different disciplines; In addition to emphasizing the negativities in our society, which is the scene of psychological, political and personal tensions, it focuses on humorous perspectives, the decorative understanding brought by the arabesque culture, new forms of expression and impossibility, and the artists present works aimed at beautifying the materials they have. Roses and Thorns exhibition; Curated by Deniz Dalkılıç and Oğulcan Yıldırım, it can be seen at Istanbul Drapers Bazaar, the new venue chosen by Exempt Proje Contemporary Art Gallery between February 26 and March 9, 2019