Opulence Massacre @Mr.Cas Hotel

13 November and 15 December, 2022

Cassandra's first solo exhibition and digitally designed haute couture collection Opulence Masssacre, whose works are based on creating a chaotic aesthetic by glamorizing and highlighting flaws that are sought to be hidden and often presented as ugly, meet with the audience. The exhibition will be held at MrCas, known as Güney Palas, one of the historical buildings of Istanbul, between 13 November and 15 December. In this collection, Cassandra creates 'Haute Couture' looks from scratch by digitally combining fabric textures and clothing pieces like a jigsaw puzzle. Famous model Didem Soydan accompanies the artist as a model in her collection. Pieces in the collection; presents a selection that blends the digitalization of art and fashion with references to art history today. In addition, "Opulence Massacre" is the first NFT collection to have a physical exhibition on the Avalanche network.